Packaging Plast is the pioneer in the design and production of 100% carbon fibre doctor blade chambers


Packaging Plast® was founded in 2010 as a specialised precision machining workshop in Casale Monferrato (AL),the home of a number of internationally renowned leaders in the manufcturing of printing machines and the converting of materials for the publishing and packaging sectors.

The strong spirit of the innovator Emanuel De Zanet founder of the company is soon recognized by large companies in the area, which chose Packaging Plast® first as a supplier of machined metal components and, later, of plastic parts (hence the name of the company). The growing demand for superior precision and quality led the company to build up a pool of high technology machine tools, and to establish itself as the partner of choice for manufacturers of rotogravure and flexography printing machines.

As the company built a reputation for trustworthiness, dependability and experience, clients began to task Packaging Plast with the fabrication of doctor blade chambers, initially in aluminium and, later, in plastic.


The increase in the number of orders was paralleled by a proportionate increase in the number of employees and specialised technicians. While most of these came from the graphic machinery industry, a number also had experience with carbon fibre applications for the automotive sector.

The contribution of these new team members, combined with the company’s proven capabilities as a problem solver for its clients, were the impetus for the creation of the world’s first and only all-carbon fibre doctor blade chambers. These soon gained popularity both in Italy and in the key international markets for the many advantages they offer for the inking systems of printing machines and, as a result, for the entire production cycle.

Our success is founded on the choice to keep all design and production activities in-house and, above all, on our close partnership with our clients, be they the end users or manufacturers of machines for the printing product industries.


Light, strong and durable with incomparable performance. Why we chose carbon fibre...

An ingenious material

Also known as CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer),carbon fibre is a reinforced synthetic composite material. Made from carbon filaments bonded in a protective resin, this material may be shaped into any form imaginable to create objects that are both strong and light.

Discovered in the early 1950s, carbon fibre was perfected in 1963 with a patented solution developed by the British Defence Ministry, which paved the way for the creation of components with high performance mechanical properties. The material is now used extensively in sports, automotive and aerospace applications.

Today, carbon fibre is widely used as a valid substitute for metal in the production of elements and components in precision engineering. The success of carbon fibre is due to the great advantages it offers: it boasts a rapid fabrication process, improves reliability and reduces maintenance times and costs, and may be used to create and implement new technical solutions which would be impossible with other materials.

The advantages of carbon

The chief advantages of carbon fibre are its extreme lightness and its superior stiffness, tensile strength and compressive strength.

Another mechanical property that sets CFRP apart is a greater fatigue resistance than other, more commonly used structural materials.

A key characteristic of composite materials attributable to their unique chemical and physical properties is superior corrosion and weathering resistance, which can significantly increase the service lifespan of the finished product.

A material offering unrivalled performance and durability 
just like Genius, the doctor blade chamber designed
and manufactured by Packaging Plast.

Quality and Assistance

Every Genius doctor blade chamber is manufactured with a painstaking production process, in which every step in the procedure is subject to stringent quality control.

Quality means durability

Each individual Genius doctor blade chamber is manufactured in accordance with the specific requirements of the client in a production process with, as its greatest strength, an extraordinary degree of artisan craftsmanship.

Every day, our highly qualified artisans shape every detail of the product, and inspect and check each component in every step in the production process.

Every Genius doctor blade chamber delivers unrivalled performance and durability not just because of its all-carbon construction, but also because of the care and attention we dedicate to the manufacture and quality control of each one of its components.

Packaging Plast, artisans of the future.

Always there, whenever you need us!

Packaging Plast has built up an effective technical support network offering uninterrupted assistance, capable of responding rapidly to any necessity so that no client is ever left alone.

Our technical support service assists machine operators with the all the knowledge necessary on the operation and functions of the system, helping them use the system itself even more effectively and get the best possible performance out of it with the least effort.

We strongly believe that after-sales support is a crucial part of any service, especially when dealing with such an innovative product as Genius.

A technical support service on-call at all times to assist your work, because after-sales assistance is an integral part of our vision of quality.