Genius by name, genius by nature

Genius is the result of the ground-breaking idea to use 100% carbon fibre to manufacture doctor blade chambers with levels of durability and performance that would be almost impossible to achieve with other materials. Genius is designed and manufactured to be installable on any flexographic printing machine, whether it be a latest generation machine or an older machine which, despite its age, still has years of production ahead of it.


Hollow is better than solid

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The claim that the carbon fibre doctor blade chambers produced by Packaging Plast are different from other carbon fibre doctor blade chambers is not simply hype but a statement of fact that we can easily demonstrate by taking a look at the inside of the chamber itself. At least three key differences are clearly revealed in this picture:

1. If you take a close look at the wall, it is easy to see that it consists entirely of carbon fibre skins that have been painstakingly and securely bonded together with a resin selected specifically by us for this application. This means that the carbon fibre skins are not laminated together with any material other than carbon.

2. The doctor blade holder pretensioner system uses springs housed in seats incorporated entirely in the moulding of the chamber

meaning that no holes need to be cut into the structure for the pretensioner system. These seats are repeated at fixed intervals along the chamber moulding, conferring extreme stiffness to the system regardless of the length of the chamber itself and irrespective of changes in temperature.

3. The doctor blade chamber cavity is completely hollow. This is achieved by using air bags during the moulding process, which are then removed at the end of the curing process in the autoclave.

This is why we continue to stress how Packaging Plast doctor blade chambers are made entirely of structural carbon fibre, unlike other doctor blade chambers, where the carbon fibre is laminated on top of a structure in a different material and plays a merely cosmetic role.


Changing blades as quick as a flash

With the innovative system used on our doctor blade chambers, changing worn blades has never been easier. On Genius chambers, the conventional fastener screws have been replaced by a special blade holder pretensioner system that exerts constant pressure across the entire length of the blade and eliminates the undesirable ‘wave’ effect, which requires operators to pull the blade forcefully to straighten it.

With the Easy-quick system, a blade of any length and size can be changed quickly and safely in under 3 minutes. All that is needed to change the blade is a tool for tightening the 4 screws near the lateral seals.

This system is standard on all Genius products, with two variants available for blades from 0.1 to 0.8 mm and for blades from 1 to 2 mm.



Genius - ready to save you money

The special ink filler points incorporated in the profiles of the DRD series mean that all of our doctor blade chambers are already compatible with new delivery line ink recovery systems.

This solution lets the operator empty the doctor blade chamber completely, draining the ink into the bucket, before it is rinsed at the end of a job. This means that the ink can be recovered instead of being washed away, as occurs with a conventional doctor blade chamber.

On DRS series chambers, the unique design of the lateral seals makes it possible to evacuate ink completely from the doctor blade chamber after inking, minimising waste and maximising the efficacy of the washing process.


Unparalleled lightness

The special technology used to manufacture the Genius series makes it possible to give the chamber a hollow cross section, for a product of unparalleled lightness.

This extreme lightness (approximately 11 kg) means that a 3200 mm doctor blade chamber can be removed from and installed on the machine by a single operator working alone.

Using Genius reduces the number of personnel needed for production, halves machine downtimes and significantly increases productivity.