Genius DRD 20

Ideal for installing and printing on machines for



Wide Web


Symmetric profile, with identical contact angles for both blades, with a smaller internal chamber and 6 ink/washing filler points incorporated in the profile.


A product intended for use with medium to wide web printing (max 5800 mm) and with diameters from 180 to 260 mm. The incredibly sturdy design of this profile means that it can also be fabricated in a Jumbo configuration.


Anti Corrosion

Smooth Ink Flow

Ultra Light

XL For Jumbo


The smaller volume internal chamber means that saving money while achieving the best print results possible has never been so easy. The smaller internal volume helps saturate the cells of the anilox roller more effectively during the inking process, and allows for higher pressures when washing, to ensure that even ink trapped deeply in the cells is removed completely.

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