Genius DRS 30

Ideal for installing and printing on machines for




A single blade large volume profile conceived to cater for the needs of tissue printing applications but also suitable for corrugated cardboard printing. This profile has a single doctor blade on one side, while the side usually holding the containment blade is left open.


A product intended for use with medium to wide web printing (max 5800 mm) and with diameters from 280 to 400 mm. Available in two different configurations, this profile may be used on both fully engraved anilox rollers and on anilox rollers with lateral dead bands.


Anti Corrosion

Smooth Ink Flow

Ultra Light

XL For Jumbo

Retrofit Upgrade


With its large volume open chamber, this profile is ideal for many applications involving the use of adhesives and very viscous fluids. Numerous inlets for washing ensure effective cleaning, while special filler inlets keep the fluid in constant motion within the doctor blade chamber.

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