Genius DRD 05 Label

Ideal for installing and printing on machines for



The asymmetric profile produces two different blade contact angles. The contact angle of the doctor blade is 32°, while the different angle of the containment blade reduces the angle of incidence of the blade itself on the anilox roller.


This is a product intended for narrow to medium webs (max 1500 mm),with diameters smaller than 110 mm. The ink inlets and outlets are configurable, for interfacing with an existing pumping system without having to modify the configuration of the system itself.


Anti Corrosion

Smooth Ink Flow

Ultra Light

No Back Doctoring


The different contact angles of the two blades, with a smaller angle of incidence of the containment blade, definitively solves the problem of back doctoring, eliminating undesirable colour leakage and keeping the tray underneath clean.

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