Packaging Plast, a top class service

State of the art industrial technology fused with artisan craftsmanship to give you a made-to-measure product with unrivalled performance to cater for any possible need. Packaging Plast also offers expert assistance for every aspect from design to installation, and provides training for your personnel on how to use the product. Our after-sales service is on-call at all times to help you with any necessity concerning spare parts, servicing, and retrofitting your machines with innovative solutions.


Culture and partnerships

Promoting awareness of the advantages of its carbon fibre doctor blade chamber system is a priority in the marketing strategy of Packaging Plast.

We actively promote innovation in the flexographic printing industry because we vehemently believe in its potential for growth.

As a result, in part, of these actions to raise awareness in the industry, we increasingly find ourselves discussing other topics not directly related to the system itself, giving Packaging Plast the opportunity to prove its skills as a problem solver for any issue within its extensive field of expertise.

This dialogue gives potential clients the reassurance that they can trust in the capabilities of our systems, and builds the foundation for a a long-lasting relationship that will increase their production performance and reduce consumption.


On-time, guaranteed delivery and installation

As every stage in the production cycle is monitored continuously, Packaging Plast can guarantee that your product is delivered on-time.

Packaging Plast also offers its clients a complete installation service.

Our specialised personnel will install your system at your plant, calibrating and commissioning the installation itself and training the operators who will be working with the system, giving them invaluable advice for improving quality and production capacity.

Packaging Plast, always there when you need us.


It’s never too late to switch to Genius

Printers often find themselves working with a machine that has become obsolete and cannot meet the new demands of the market for quality and efficiency. This forces them to drop some of their clients, because they can no longer fulfil their requests.

What are the solutions available?

Either buy a new machine or retrofit an existing machine. Given the significant costs involved, buying a new machine is not always an option. 
Retrofitting the printing machine, on the other hand, may bring the performance of the existing machine up to levels comparable with a new system but with a much lower outlay, and will also protect the residual value of the initial investment made when the machine was purchased. 

A retrofit is also a simpler and much more immediate way to upgrade from rubber roller inking technology to state of the art carbon fibre doctor blade chamber technology.
Installing this retrofit solution:
• Reduces ink wastage
• Halves washing times and water consumption
• Increases print quality
• Lets you control the quantity of ink transferred to the anilox roller

Depending on the type of machine, the retrofit includes the following: removal of the rubber roller system, installation of the doctor blade chamber system (with different types for specific printing applications),mechanical upgrade for drive system, electronic upgrade for the PLC and upgrade for pumping and washing system.


Get your spare parts sooner with Packaging Plast

Competence, skill and speed are just some of the characteristics that set the Packaging Plast after-sales service apart from our competitors.

Our spare parts warehouse responds promptly to any request for consumables, at any time and wherever you are.

A wide range of original replacement blades and lateral seals is kept in stock at all times, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world with a dedicated, rapid and reliable courier service.

Packaging Plast, an after-sales service as brilliant as our products